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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Bail Bond Questions:

What Should I Know Before I Contact a Lucky Bail Agent?

Getting mixed up with legal trouble can be scary and confusing especially if you are not sure of how to post bail to get out. Lucky Bail Bonds is able to assist in posting bonds, navigating the bail system, and help your loved ones figure out what they need to even begin.

When I am arrested, how long will it take for me to get booked, processed and ready for a Lucky Bail Agent (Bondsman) to post my bond?

In Salt Lake ADC and the Purgatory jail in St George it usually takes around 2 hours for you to be booked (sometimes a little shorter or longer depending on the how busy). Once the bond is posted the jail says it takes 2-8 hours for their release but the average time is 4 hours. (This is also is determined by how busy they are). In every other county our Lucky Bail Agent can have you out in under and hour!

What is a Bail Bond?

Bad things can–and do–happen to good people. An unexpected chain of events can lead to jail time. If this happens, we want to do everything possible to help the situation. Legal proceedings can be very confusing. Part of the procedure includes posting bail for the jailed person, but we may not be able to afford the funds necessary. This is where Lucky Bail Bonds can help. We’ll help you through the entire process of understanding the types of bail needed and supplying you with the necessary funds.

How long is a person on Bond or how long is the person responsible and accountable to the Bail Agent?

A person signs guaranteeing the defendant will appear to court until the final disposition. Whether the case is dismissed, plea of abeyance or sentencing, they are responsible until the final disposition court date. They are not responsible for court fines, restitution, classes, etc. Just making sure they appear until sentencing.

Can the Bail Agent arrest me and put me back in jail for any reason if they want to?

A bail Recovery agent can revoke your bond for only a handful of reasons, and they should all be listed on a form given by agent called a Utah Disclosure which is required by all. Only a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent can revoke your bond. The easiest way to avoid a bond revoke is to show up to your court dates. We certainly understand that some things are beyond your control. If for any reason you or someone that you’ve signed for has missed court contact your Bail Agent immediately and they will help you reschedule.

What does it mean if a Defendant’s bond is forfeited, also referred to as FTA and what does this mean?

It means that the defendant had failed to appear to court and the Judge has ordered the bond forfeited. Means that the bail company then has 180 days to locate the defendant and get him back into court, into jail, or the Judge will order a Judgment against the Bail Company to replace the bond with the full amount that was posted. Which also means the cosigner is now responsible for the full bond amount. Lucky Bail Bond Agents are always willing to work with the cosigner to get the issue resolved.

Is the “Bond Fee” or “Premium” paid to the Bail Agent refundable after the case is over, regardless of the outcome?

The State of Utah requires a bail company to charge a non-refundable fee ranging from a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 20%. Even if the defendant is falsely arrested, they can stay in jail until proving innocence or pay the non-refundable fee by law.


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